Written by Jessica Charles, Indigenous Leadership & Development Project Coordinator

I’m definitely not one to provide guidance when it comes to investing into stocks and bonds, but I would like to throw a question into the mix on this Monday morning…..

What makes a good investment?

Is it the ROI? Or perhaps the stability? At Impact Society, we believe that developing and building the next generation is a good investment of both our time and resources. Why you may ask is this classified as a good investment for us? Because we value what every individual has built within them. Because we understand that the statistic that suicide rates for Inuit youth are among the highest in the world, about 11 times the national average, is not just a statistic but a reality; one that we aren’t comfortable to do nothing about. Even further, its not just an investment into an individual. It’s an investment into the next generation. It’s investing into their future families, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids. A generational investment with a ROI bigger than you could ever anticipate. It’s helping to stop the perpetuation of old thoughts, habits, lifestyles and being able to envision the garden when the seed is the only thing you can see in front of you. Whether its your time or your money, or your giftings, you are making an investment. The best part is that we get the opportunity to be intentional with where we want to make that investment. So what are you watering today, expecting to see grow tomorrow?