Written by Jessica Charles, Indigenous Leadership & Development Project Coordinator

In honour of the entry of springtime, I would like to share a word I was introduced to today.

Efflorescence – a state of blooming, flowering, and development.

I doubt that anyone who knows me well would say that I have a green thumb, but the basic introductory Botany courses plus some common sense have taught me that healthy plants grow from healthy soil. It’s the process of efflorescence. What is often overlooked however, is what lies beneath the surface; the not as eye-catching framework. It’s the roots that have grown deep that make or break the health and longeivity of the plant. And it’s the quality of soil which determines if any seed can even take root and grow. Similarly to the work we get to apart of Impact Society, our focus is building the framework so that healthy roots can grow deep in the community and as a result create flourishing products. We work as a grass-roots organization (no pun intended) one-on-one with individuals to help cultivate a healthy environment.

This past month we had the opportunity to travel to Halfway River First Nation and conduct activities and mentorship with 17 youth. As a part of our HEROES mentorship, we believe that everyone needs someone to believe in them, someone to encourage them, someone to help guide and navigate the ups and downs of life. And we understand that is even more crucial for the upcoming generation to have these people in their lives with the amount of negative voices bombarding them. It is our belief that this encouragement contributes to the development of confidence, which will breed character and integrityleading one to experience positive change in themselves and flourish in their communities. Whether its a developing long-lasting quality relationships, or cultivating an aspiration, there is a whole lot of work behind-the-scenes that must happen before a product can be seen. Creating anything beautiful requires catered attention and will not happen overnight. But do not be discouraged. Regardless of what you are pursuing or tirelessly striving after, keep grinding; because if its something you love and truly value, it will be worth it.