About Us

Impact Society is a Canadian non-profit and national leader in character development. With over twenty years of experience, Impact Society is an expert, offering HEROES® and other related programs in schools and organizations across North America. 

We’ve helped over 150,000 youth discover their gifts & abilities, build Confidence, choose Character, grow in Integrity and have the mindset of a hero. We are passionate about building strengths-focused communities and unleashing heroes - someone who uses their gifts & abilities to make a positive change in themselves and others.

Our Purpose

Impact Society will be:

• Strength-based in everything we do.
• The model for strength-based program development and delivery, always considering "what other strengths do we need?"
• Relational in our support of clients.
• Excellent at putting theory into practice, providing practical solutions with measurable outcomes.
• Reliably and sustainably funded.

Our Roots

In 1994, Jack and Collette Toth founded Impact Society in Calgary, AB. Their mission: to passionately work with youth to discover their strengths, make good choices and build strong character. For 15 years, the grassroots organization continued working locally with community volunteers to deliver programs. In 2009, Impact Society’s story transformed into a national one, partnering with TransCanada Corporation to drive a HEREOS® Across Canada expansion.

Impact Society has impacted over 150,000 youth through HEROES® and other programs made available in schools, community agencies, local police services and other partnerships across Canada. Impact Society has been awarded the Alberta’s Promise Red Wagon for investing in the lives of children.

Our Programs

Young people deal with big issues and make choices that will affect their futures. We build a network of strengths-focused communities around youth. Through our programs, we help youth recognize and build on their strengths and equip them to make the right decisions, so that they can lead purposeful lives.

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October 05, 2015

HEROES Awards and Appreciation Reception 2015
November 03, 2015

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