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Understanding Your Strengths

StrengthsFinder 2.0. I was introduced to it just over 8 years ago, assuming that it was just like every other personal assessment tool- one that was going to put me “in a box” with a bunch of labels and tell me what I could, and worse yet, couldn’t do. I did the assessment and then

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“The very people who no one imagines anything of (are those) who do the things that no one can imagine”. Have you seen The Imitation Game?  Benedict Cumberbatch brilliantly depicts the fascinating mind of Alan Turing, a Cambridge alum mathematician, selected to help crack Nazi German codes during WWII. Growing up, Alan was ‘different’. He

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Parenting with Purpose

    My son turns 3 in two weeks and has zero interest in potty training. I’m trying one more time and then it’ll be his future wife’s problem.   “Put the screwdriver down and get away from the glitter” <– Typical instructions for my 7yo daughter.   19 years of education. 2 degrees. 39

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The Importance of Connection

Think of a picture. It could be a picture of anything, but choose something that has meaning for you. Got it? Now answer these questions . What do you see in the picture (at first glance, these are the obvious visual elements)? What are the details of the picture (who is in it, where it

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Agents of Change: A Way for Everyone to Win

There’s almost always a way for everyone to win:  sometimes it just takes some creative thinking and a fresh approach! As one of the co-founders of Agents of Change, I’ve worked in real estate for over a decade, so I’m very familiar with all of the challenges people face when dealing with a real estate

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