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Starting a new year and a new school with a fresh perspective

What words like Hero, Confidence, Character and Integrity mean to a teenage girl What is a hero? To me, a hero would be a person who shows extreme passion into making the world a better place. Whether they succeed or fail at their efforts, they are a hero because they tried. Everyone can be a

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Entering the Great Unknown with My Strengths & Students in Mind

It’s been a while. I haven’t been in the classroom for almost sixteen months (between summers and mat leave). It’s a daunting thought to get my head wrapped around going back to the classroom in a month or so. And yet…it’s exciting! It feels like a fresh start as I have a chance to begin

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Summer Reading

A teachers reflection on the book ‘The Teacher Every Student Wants & Needs’ As a fairly new teacher to the world of education, I know that I will be forever learning on the job. For example, there always seems to be one new educational strategy after another that we have to try to implement in

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Thrive Through Summer Break

Ah, the sounds of summer! Children playing outside, birds singing, the beckoning (& somewhat annoying) song of the ice cream truck, lawn mowers, sprinklers…what a message they all voice…“At long last, it’s SUMMER! “ Summer! To most students of any age the word speaks something else. FREEDOM! Freedom from alarms, school buses, teachers, studying, bells,

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Redefining the Way We Do Business

Recently I had the pleasure of presenting with Jack Toth, CEO of Impact Society at an Industry Conference. Jack and I spoke on how the principles of the Heroes program are relevant and applicable in a work environment. By way of background I have been a member of the Impact Board of Governors for over

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