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The Other Side of the Booth

Teacher’s convention has been somewhat of a permanent fixture in my calendar every February ever since I started elementary school. As a kid, you’re excited for a few extra days off around the Family Day weekend. As a university student in education, we began to understand concepts like professional development- as in the case of

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Love vs. Hate

Have you ever met Gwyneth Paltrow?  Kristen Stewart maybe?  How about Angelina Jolie?  No?  Me neither, but apparently we hate them, just hate them.  Yup, not dislike, or are maybe just indifferent to them, we hate them. As I stood in the queue for the supermarket checkout many months back, this was what caught my

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Waking Up What’s Already Inside by Jack Toth, CEO

Recently my wife Collette and I conducted a HEROES® AT HOME parenting workshop for one of our Aboriginal partner communities. We were awed by the resilience and dedication of several of the participants. It was humbling to be part of their lives as they shared challenges, hopes and dreams for their children and communities. At

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Give Yourself a Gift of Energy by Ryan Daugherty

It’s 2:36pm and I am mindlessly clicking through webpages, hoping one of them will deliver the incentive I need to finish this spreadsheet. Click…Click…Click…Yawn…Click… 15 minutes pass. I rub my eyes and look over towards the coffee pot. Is that where the inspiration is? It’s a real life “Office Space” moment. I am Peter from

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Building a Culture of Strength

When you walk through the doors of the Foundations for the Future Chartered Academy, you immediately know that you have entered a special place.  The immediacy of the pictures portraying previous students, interspersed with the achievements of the current crop, display a reverence for past accomplishments combined with a forward-looking approach for the students under

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