Building a Culture of Strength

When you walk through the doors of the Foundations for the Future Chartered Academy, you immediately know that you have entered a special place.  The immediacy of the pictures portraying previous students, interspersed with the achievements of the current crop, display a reverence for past accomplishments combined with a forward-looking approach for the students under their care at the present time.

It’s the moment where you realise that the school’s name is no accident or fashionable notion – the belief that a child’s future is rooted in that child’s foundation is an ethos which threads its way through every choice and aspect of design to be found in the five campuses which cover the city of Calgary.  This past year, Impact Society was happy and proud to partner with the South Middle Campus in bringing the HEROES suite of offerings to the school, to further the great foundation of strength already embedded in the culture of that school.

The grade 7 and 8 staff undertook intense training in order to be ready for the delivery of HEROES, and this afforded them the opportunity to question and muse on their own approach to HEROES, on how it would enhance and compliment the already-strong practice present in the school.  And the experience did not extend only to the students of FFCA – some 50 parents were some of the first to undertake Impact Society’s newest offering, HEROES At Home; a course reflective of the values and teachings of the HEROES course, but designed for adults specifically.  In this way, the school sought to add an extra dimension to the HEROES instruction being offered at the school – what would happen if the message from the school was echoed at home?  What happens to a school community when it branches out to include the parents from a philosophical standpoint?  More importantly, what happens to the growth of a child when they are immersed in a culture of strength?  The statistics from the first year of FFCA’s involvement speak for themselves – 99% of students displayed moral directedness as a significant strength.  93% of students showed up as having adaptability as a main feature of their character, the same number as those who had agency & responsibility.  I could go on, but to summarise, over three quarters of the students who took HEROES® showed significant strength in 6 of the 7 pillars of a confident individual.  But perhaps the experience is best summed up by the school themselves; click here, and listen first hand to school counsellor, Gina, and HEROES graduate/HEROES2 student, Carmen.

This is the work of Impact Society, partnering with schools to build a culture of strength through philosophical leadership, high-quality training and a full suite of programs covering students and parents alike.  With these tools, Impact Society can join with schools to meet the emerging needs of our future generations, as envisioned by our government.  More and more, we hear that schools must equip students for a job market that is increasingly unpredictable and fluid.  This cannot be achieved by strict adherence to a subject-specific curriculum, but by releasing and refining the natural skills and passions that our young people bring to the table.

This is just the story of one school in one part of our country.  Impact Society’s programs are embedded in and embraced by a wide swath of schools and communities from coast to coast.  We invite you to be part of a growing culture of strength and build Canada’s future from a strong foundation.

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