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Written by Jessica Charles, Indigenous Leadership & Development Project Coordinator Have you ever been on a family road trip before? Perhaps you were the parent in the front seat, or the oldest child in the middle section of a minivan, or dare I say, the youngest sibling whose voice came up far too frequently [guilty]. The dreaded 4-word question that

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From the Inside Out

February is conference season for teachers across Alberta and Jaralyn Monkman, Director of Programs for Impact Society, had the privilege of speaking to educators in Lethbridge and area last week at the SWATCA 2016 Conference. As we have promised to be relational in everything we do, connecting with teachers and schools in this atmosphere is

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The Power of Why

“Mediocrity is the enemy of greatness.” Even on the dreariest of Monday’s I don’t know very many people who wake up and declare, ‘I want to have a mediocre day.’ However, we so often find ourselves lying down to sleep, realizing we have done just that: had a mediocre day. Never fear, this isn’t a

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HEROES Reflections; A Volunteer Instructor’s Perspective

Strength. Small word with a BIG meaning. As a volunteer teacher of Impact Society’s HEROES program I have had the good fortune to see literally hundreds of young people realize that living from their strengths is critical to a successful life. And more important I’ve witnessed these same young people light up when they discover

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Reflections from HAAR

On November 3, Impact Society celebrated it’s 6th annual HEROES Awards and Appreciation Reception. This year, our goal was to ‘Illuminate’ those exceptional students, leaders, community and First Nations partners that have made a positive impact in their world this past year. It was a special night! For this month’s blog post, we wanted to

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