Commonality of Diversity

A few weeks ago I landed in Toronto to launch our pilot project with the Toronto District School Board, Model Schools for Inner Cities; the largest pilot to date in Impact’s history.  As I was preparing for our time of equipping with over 100 educators and community support workers, I was struck with the importance of asking myself the question: how do we foster an environment where transformation is welcomed and encouraged, in a time where deficit is the model and vulnerability is the fear? We are looking for transformation of heart, mind and practice; and this type of transformation does not come through more programming.

Real transformation is engineered through relationship; and relationships begin when we take the risk to first be honest and vulnerable with self, to walk towards “Heru” (mastering the knowledge of oneself – the journey of mindfulness). A valuing of self brings about a valuing of others; through this combination of authenticity and compassion, genuine and meaningful relationships blossom and grow.

We are excited about our new relationship with the TDSB, and as we both take the risk to understand ourselves better, I know we are linked in the commonality of our diversity and in our dream to have both young and old alike across our nation understand 10 simple, yet complex truths:

  1. We all have strengths.
  2. Sometimes walls get in the way of living from those strengths.
  3. We all have innate value; we have heard it said “birth = worth”.
  4. We have been given an amazing power of choice.
  5. To honour is to break the cycle of bitterness or hatred.
  6. Words have the power to build or destroy.
  7. Who we let close to our heart impacts our journey.
  8. We have a role to play in being giving global citizens.
  9. We all are looking for a guiding statement for life, and
  10. Perseverance is the action of not giving up.

As we begin our journey of a new relationship, I encourage you to think about your own. How could understanding and using these 10 truths transform your relationships? Tell us about it.

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