HEROES® Unleashed

In popular superhero culture, the heroes usually hide their true identity. Clark Kent takes off his glasses, and suddenly he turns into Superman. Batman and Spiderman come to life only once they don their masks. But at Impact Society, we believe heroes truly come alive when they STOP hiding behind their walls and masks and reveal to the world who they really are.

Impact Society recently held their Fourth Annual HEROES Awards & Appreciation Reception, sponsored by Black Diamond Group and hosted at Cardel Theatre. At this event, we had the privilege of celebrating 24 individuals, schools, organizations and companies who have unleashed their inner hero over the past year.

This is a valued event at Impact Society; a night in which we get to honour and hear the personal stories of those who have meaningfully engaged in our programs over the past year. During this year’s event, we also recognized and honoured our top 12 donors of the year, allowing them to see and hear firsthand the impact they are making on strengthening individuals and communities. Catherine Nantel-Philibert, from TransCanada, our HEROES Across Canada title sponsor comments –  “It’s been wonderful to see the program grow and to be part of its expansion to schools across Canada. Evenings like this one are a wonderful way to witness the impact that HEROES Across Canada is having on individuals and communities”. Volunteer of the Year, Julian Price, summed it up by saying, “Together, we are delivering on our promise of helping to shape students positively in their teenage years”.

We were moved to hear HEROES Student of the Year, Megan C., declare that HEROES helped her to better understand her strengths and take down the walls that were hindering her success. “A few years ago, I was shy and unsure of myself. I was being bullied because of how I looked and the way I dressed. I felt as though no one was trying to get to know the real me. It made me feel sad and alone. The HEROES program made me realize that there are others that felt the same as me”.

Judith Clark, accepting the annual award for the HEROES Community Partner with the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program of Stony Plain, AB has seen first hand how HEROES has and is helping young people find confidence, hope, purpose and resiliency. After experiencing her own series of losses due to suicide, she joined with Impact Society and the HEROES family to help provide young people with the inner resources they need to not only survive, but thrive through life’s challenges. We invite you to watch more of Judith’s personal story and journey with HEROES by clicking here.

These individuals did it…so why can’t you? None of us have to wait to unleash the superhero that is already within – now is the time! What are your gifts & abilities? How can you put them to use for the betterment of yourself and others? Take off your mask, smash down your wall…it is time to start living from who you really are, a person designed and created with purpose and significance- a true everyday HERO! To unleash your inner hero and support Impact Society in the work of unleashing the hero in youth and communities please donate now.



Jaralyn Monkman

Director of Programs

Impact Society

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