Heroic Alberta: Evidence of our Impact

Impact Society has been delivering HEROES®, our flagship strengths-focused character education experience, to students in Alberta since 1994 and across Canada since 2009.  Over the years, we have received significant anecdotal support from our participants confirming that what we do works.  While the value of participant testimony is undeniable we also recognize the value of scientific measurement and outcomes affirming the impact of our program and influencing any necessary modifications.

In order to conceptualize the capacity building effects of HEROES and measure meaningful outcomes, Impact Society partnered with Dr Wayne Hammond of Resiliency Initiatives (RI) to evaluate the program utilizing RI’s Core Competency questionnaire. The seven core competencies measured are the foundational attitudes, skills and knowledge that are strongly linked with building of social capacity, well-being and resiliency.

With the generous support of the Alberta Culture and Community Spirit CIP grant, we were able to compile the results of 1305 pre and post questionnaires of students in Alberta who participated in the HEROES® experience between September 2011 and March 2013. The summary report provides our constituents and us with a snapshot into a part of our own backyard heroic Alberta story.

To view the report and to celebrate with the over 85% of students that are better able to choose friends, have a greater understanding of their gifts and abilities, feel more strongly equipped to make better choices and give back to the world out of a renewed sense of confidence and purpose please click here: HEROES CIP Report .

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