Message from Jack Toth: Creating Strong Relationships

Establishing strong student-teacher relationships can be one of the most complex but important roles in an educator’s career. Through my years of experience, I have come to believe that student-teacher relationships are foundational for student success. I have seen the dramatic difference that a student-centered relational teaching process can have in developing more confident students who are better prepared to learn. In a recent article I wrote for Canadian Teacher’s Magazine, I highlight practical tips on how to establish a positive, trusting, relational teaching practice that builds on individual strengths.

As a teacher, in an average week students will spend about 30 hours with you for ¾ of the year, what a unique opportunity to impart hope, optimism and faith in their students, as they help them see themselves through positive lenses. The same holds true for every one of us. Please read the article and use these tips in your own life. Whether you’re acting as a parent, co-worker, or friend, you can be a powerful force in helping others see that they are unique and have a purpose. With this type of relationship at the foundation of our classrooms, homes, and businesses, we can expect better outcomes for everyone, and more positive experiences that can impact entire lives.

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