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Find Out How Impact Society is Creating a Nation of Confident Youth

We are creating a network of teachers, parents, community leaders, partner agencies and corporations committed to bringing out the best in our youth and collaborating together for positive change. Read Our Story to discover how we focus on the strengths-based education of young people to benefit individuals, schools, families, and entire communities. You can become a part of the HEROES® community and join us on our mission to inspire our young people, and to be inspired by them.

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Meet Michael. Over the next five years, he will push boundaries, take risks and question everything.

These questions, stresses, and responsibilities can begin to pile up in his day-to-day life.

The choices he will make will be
rooted in his sense of self.

In every home, classroom, and community centre across the country, young people like Michael, are faced with big issues and choices that will impact their lives and the lives of those around them.


Low Confidence.

Pressure to Succeed.

How do we equip our youth to
make these choices?

Impact Society is helping Canada’s youth become healthy, confident, and community-minded adults.

Young people who feel valued and connected, and who are introduced to their strengths and abilities early, are better able to respond to life challenges.

We’re helping youth become heroes right across Canada by helping them discover their strengths and connect to their communities.

We do this by building a network of dedicated and empowered teachers, parents, volunteers and donors committed to bringing out the best in our youth.

We’re helping adults that support youth discover their own gifts, so they can help build positive relationships with young people that are foundational for learning and community change.

Impact Society is creating a nation of confident youth and impacting Canadian education in the process. Let’s work together to impact society.

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Our Story