Indigenous Impact


Originally, Impact Society’s focus was primarily within the education community. Overtime, Indigenous educators and leaders became acquainted with HEROES, informing us that the HEROES experience is a natural fit for building up their youth; they saw their 7 Sacred Teachings of love, respect, honesty, humility, courage, truth and wisdom naturally intertwined within our programs.

Since 2014, Impact Society has pursued partnerships with many First Nation’s communities. Our vision is to assist Indigenous communities across our nation to achieve their goal of a community culture which inspires and enables youth to experience genuine success in life —physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Impact Society’s programs and processes meet several Truth and Reconciliation recommendations put forward by the Government of Canada, as well as the United Nations Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples — adopted by the Government of Canada.


Impact Society’s believes that every Indigenous community has all the strengths needed to achieve long-term health and economic sustainability. We assist Indigenous communities to build the unique strengths of both the individual and community, strengthening a foundation of resiliency, and enhancing a strong, unified vision and direction for the Nation. We value every member of the community as an invested and engaged contributor with a voice to be heard. Our methods utilize interactive tools to rediscover and build existing strengths in the home, workplace, and community, utilizing interpersonal communication as a foundational component for establishing trust. Our processes are restorative rather than punitive — meaning that every participant feels valued and can have hope for the future. We work to build mutually constructive relationships between Industry, Government, and the Nation. We are proud to partner with Corporations and Indigenous communities across Canada.


In 2014, Impact Society created a process to contract with Industry, to provide our services to Indigenous communities, resulting in:

  • Strengthened youth and adults
  • Increased community capacity
  • Strengthened community/Industry relationships
  • Increased financial stability within Impact Society Partnerships with Impact Society, is a step toward an improved reputation and relationship with Indigenous communities and Industry parties.



 — Discover and build your gifts & abilities.

HEROES is a simple but effective twelve-session character education experience that helps youth see and build what’s already inside them — greatness. We know (and evidence shows) that positive behavior follows a positive self-concept. That’s why we focus on building every student’s unique gifts & abilities and develop decision-making processes for long-term success. The HEROES® program easily fits into school curriculum taught by teachers, educators and community volunteers.


 — Develop and lead from your gifts & abilities.

Built as a follow up to HEROES, H2 is the next step a young person can take in developing and practicing his or her gifts & abilities. Over the course of 11 sessions, students are challenged to put HEROES into practice — focusing on what role they play, by using their gifts & abilities, to making a significant impact on the world around them.


 — Building a foundation of confidence, character and      integrity in your home.

HEROES AT HOME is an interactive workshop guiding parents and caregivers to build a foundation of confidence, character and integrity in themselves and children, or youth in their care. Studies show that with positive foundational support, youth are better able to recognize, appreciate and use their strengths in positive ways.


 — Lead from your strengths!

LEGENDS is a strength-based, adult leadership program designed to grow all levels of leadership within corporations, Indigenous communities, educational organizations, agencies and more. This interactive workshop is typically delivered over 2 – 3 days and is customized to meet the needs of the organization in which they are hosted.


Impact Society offers the following workshops due to the knowledge and life experience of Gerald Auger, Director of Indigenous Leadership and Development:


  • Indigenous Community Vision Development — this unique vision development process is utilized with community youth, leadership or whole communities. The outcome is — identification and building of a vision and pathway to community sustainability, based on strengths, rather than fixing dysfunction.
  • The Seven Sacred Teachings — leads participants to understand the foundation and strength of the Seven Sacred Teachings – Love, Humility, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom and Truth.
  • Inter-Generational Trauma and How to Cope — guides participants to recognize and understand why unhealthy behaviours and patterns of trauma may exist in their community. Participants learn how trauma has affected generations, resulting in cycles of behavior which they may find they are now affected by.
  • Understanding Childhood Trauma — helps participants to identify personal trauma which often results in at-risk behaviours.
  • Regaining your Personal and Cultural Identity, and Setting Goals for Success — helps participants in understanding Indigenous history, to be proud of the many strengths and culture Indigenous peoples possessed and take pride in who the Indigenous people are becoming.
  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention — participants are able to recognize symptoms of suicidal behaviours in self and others, how to seek help, or be able to intervene when another individual is in a suicidal cycle.

As each community and group we work with is uniquely different, we adapt each of our programs and services to best meet their needs and goals. This means that our starting point begins with a specialized consultation, leading to community leaders being involved with each step as they begin their journey towards community health and wellness.


Impact Society is committed to equipping educators, families and communities in strength-focused practice in order to create the nurturing environment needed to cultivate proper youth development. We offer professional development training and workshops, designed and tailored to a specific need.

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