Providing tools and resources that build significance, purpose and leadership skills for youth and the communities that support them.


At the age of 16, Jack Toth found himself sitting on his bed with his brother’s hunting rifle across his lap, about to take his life. It was a difficult time, but with determination and the help of others, Jack was able to pull out of that dark place, later committing his life to helping youth live with hope and purpose, and not experience the worthlessness and despair he did. Following their marriage in 1982, Jack and his wife Collette dedicated their lives to building the lives of youth — ultimately leading to the founding of Impact Society as a charitable society in 1994.


We believe that everyone is created with gifts & abilities (internal strengths) that are unique to them. As a person understands their value, chooses to root themselves in core values and experiences the support of caring, mentoring individuals — confidence grows and decision-making skills increase. The results are the actions of a hero — a person who believes in themselves, chooses the right path and lives with purpose.

Our mandate is to lead the youth and communities we work with in a strength-focused manner — reflecting love, humility, courage, honesty, respect, wisdom and truth.


Impact Society exists to mentor and elevate the gifts & abilities in youth — providing tools and resources that build significance, purpose and leadership skills.

  • We provide strength-focused programs and services for the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental growth of youth and the communities that support them.
  • We are passionate about partnering together to empower strength-focused and resilient communities.
  • We celebrate and focus on the strengths of an individual and community, not its weaknesses or dysfunction.
  • We utilize a restorative, rather than punitive approach.
  • We assist to cultivate what you can’t see (internal strengths) so it impacts what you can see (behaviours).


Impact Society programs are different because they focus on celebrating every individual’s, or student’s, existing strengths, not their weaknesses or problems. With this strength-based focus, we offer youth and their support networks the framework and vocabulary to have the important conversations and develop a key understanding that will create a safe, supportive community of learners.


Charitable Registration Number: 893595686RR0001