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There are other agencies and programs that focus on character development. Impact Society programs are different because they focus on celebrating every student's existing strengths, not their weaknesses or problems. With this strength-based focus, we offer youth and their support networks the framework and vocabulary to have the important conversations and develop key understanding that will create a safe, supportive community of learners.

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HEROES® is a simple but effective twelve-session character education experience that helps youth see what’s already inside them – greatness. We don't focus on changing behaviour or teaching certain skills. We know (and evidence shows) that positive behavior follows a positive self-concept. That’s why we focus on every student’s unique gifts and abilities. The HEROES® program easily fits into school curriculum taught by teachers, educators and community volunteers.

Heroes® 2

Built as a follow up to HEROES®, H2 is the next step a young person can take in developing and practicing his or her gifts and abilities. Over the course of 11 sessions, students are challenged to put HEROES® into practice – focusing on what role they play, by using their gifts and abilities, in making a significant impact on the world around them.

Heroes® at Home

HEROES® AT HOME is an interactive parenting course that guides parents to build a foundation of confidence, character and integrity in both themselves and their children. Studies show that with these foundational skills, youth are better able to recognize, appreciate and use their strengths in positive ways.

Everyday Heroes®

EVERYDAY HEROES® is a new video collection with an accompanying discussion guide to awaken the hero in you. Through thought-provoking topics that spark internal dialogue, this video series and discussion guide can be utilized in a group setting or independently, leading to a strengths-focused approach for your group, school or self.

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The Teacher Every Student Wants and Needs

What does it mean to be a strengths-focused teacher or leader? Jack Toth, CEO & Founder of Impact Society, shares his experience and insight in his best-selling, fictional book. Toth provides a look into his personal and dramatic experiences with teaching processes that develop more confident students who are better prepared to learn. The Teacher Every Student Wants and Needs is intended to inspire a positive culture in Canadian schools with a stronger emphasis on relational, student-centred teaching.

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Heroes® Together

Experience life concepts alongside your teen by using the principles HEROES® offers in HEROES® TOGETHER. Through personal journaling, your teen will be led to intentionally recognize and grow their own strengths, by developing skills and an understanding of how to handle challenges, finding greater resilience and success.

Professional Development

Impact Society is committed to equipping schools and staff in strengths-focused practice in order to create the nurturing environment needed to cultivate proper youth development. We offer professional development training and workshops for both schools and companies designed and tailored to a specific need.