HEROES® Programs

The HEROES program was founded in memory of Jennifer Janz — bright, gifted and talented 16-year old young woman, who through a series of wrong choices ended up losing her life on the streets of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1991. This very personal and painful experience became a catalyst for helping hundreds of thousands of youth avoid this same path, by empowering young people, families and communities, to develop the feelings, thoughts and actions of a hero; those who use their gifts & abilities to make a positive change in themselves and others.

Impact Society programs focus on celebrating every individual’s existing strengths, not their weaknesses or problems. With this strengths-based focus, we offer youth and their support networks the framework and vocabulary to have the important conversations and develop a key understanding that will create a safe, supportive environment.



 — Discover and build your gifts & abilities.

HEROES is a simple and effective twelve-session character education experience that helps youth see and build what’s already inside them — greatness. We know (and evidence shows) that positive behaviour follows a positive self-concept. That’s why we focus on building every student’s unique gifts & abilities and develop decision-making processes for long-term success. The HEROES® program easily fits into school curriculum taught by teachers, educators and community volunteers.


 — Develop and lead from your gifts & abilities.

Built as a follow up to HEROES, H2 is the next step a young person can take in developing and practicing his or her gifts & abilities. Over the course of 11 sessions, students are challenged to put HEROES into practice — focusing on what role they play, by using their gifts & abilities, to making a significant impact on the world around them.


 — Building a foundation of confidence, character and      integrity in your home.

HEROES AT HOME is an interactive workshop guiding parents and caregivers to build a foundation of confidence, character and integrity in themselves and children, or youth in their care. Studies show that with positive foundational support, youth are better able to recognize, appreciate and use their strengths in positive ways.


 — Lead from your strengths!

LEGENDS is a strength-based, adult leadership program designed to grow all levels of leadership within corporations, Indigenous communities, educational organizations, agencies and more. This interactive workshop is typically delivered over 2 – 3 days and is customized to meet the needs of the organization in which they are hosted.

*In addition, Impact Society has specialized programs for Indigenous youth, parents/caregivers, and community leaders — utilizing traditional cultural teachings leading to increased physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional capacity of a nation.


Impact Society is committed to equipping educators, families and communities in strength-focused practice in order to create the nurturing environment needed to cultivate proper youth development. We offer professional development training and workshops, designed and tailored to a specific need.

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